New Raised Beds

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It’s already the middle of March, 2017, and spring seems hesitant to start this year. Despite the rain (and melted snow), we know that fairer weather is coming. So we’re building twenty raised beds in between the big red barn and the blue garage. Once filled with organic soil, these will be used by our staff members to grow some food and share some knowledge. While we have some Master Gardeners on staff, and others with years of farming experience, this gives some newer gardeners on the team a chance to get their hands dirty and grow some food on site.

We began documenting the construction on our Facebook page, and the response was pretty enthusiastic. As the beds are filled, planted, and grow out, we’ll have many great opportunities to share, both here on the blog, and on social media.

First off, we’re using untreated yellow cedar 2 x 10 lumber. The beds measure 4 by 8 feet, and have a fairly simple, straightforward design. One of the beds has a raised, three tier design for a terraced look. Kudos to our friend Lucas from JLC Woodcraft for his dedicated work in pretty damp terrain.

As soon as the beds are filled, we’re going to begin seeding in between with a few different ground covers. We’ll be experimenting with micro-clover, tall fescue (turf type), and some different mulches. And hopefully we can share some of our staff’s experience with growing, and maybe some useful garden tips along the way.

Staff Raised Beds Staff Raised BedsStaff Raised BedsStaff Raised BedsStaff Raised Beds

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