Welcome to the WCS fundraising site. If you are NOT looking to purchase as part of a fundraiser, please click here to visit westcoastseeds.com
Welcome to the WCS fundraising site. If you are NOT looking to purchase as part of a fundraiser, please click here to visit westcoastseeds.com
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The fundraising organizer/committee will be responsible:

  • for maintaining their online account.
  • for all communications with their participants, should they not be able to answer their questions, they will contact West Coast Seeds.
  • for printing, sorting and packing individual orders.
  • for submitting payment request form at the end of the campaign.
  • for contacting the Community Roots Program Coordinator of any changes to their campaign, contact and shipping information.**

West Coast Seeds will be responsible:

  • Supporting the fundraising organizer with their program needs.
  • Communicating any program changes to the organizer, during the fundraising period.
  • Setting up web accounts for organizations.
  • Shipping orders in a timely and accurate manner within 30 days of the final order being submitted.
  • Providing 40% profit payment which will be sent between May 15th - May 30th

To respect other fundraising efforts, your campaign should be limited to your direct area, contacts, and family. Please refrain from online sales (with the exception of your organization's website or social media page).

**Fundraiser campaign dates: Due to the high volume of fundraisers we will not be able to adjust your campaign dates once your fundraiser is approved. **

Where products are no longer available, West Coast Seeds reserves the right to substitute a similar product of equal value.

The Fundraising program is only available in Canada.


West Coast Seeds will package and ship (free of charge) to the fundraising chairperson one single order, as listed on the fundraising application. The fundraising committee will be responsible for breaking down and distributing orders to participants.

All orders must be processed and shipped within 30 days of the campaign’s end date to qualify for the discount.

Exchanges and Returns

All sales are final. All shipping errors should be reported within 7 days of receipt.


A profit statement will be provided to the organization after the order has been shipped. All payments will be processed and paid by cheque between May 15th and May 30th. Exceptions can be made if the funds are needed for an event that is earlier than the payment date.

Limitation of Liability

Although every precaution has been taken, errors in pricing and/or specifications may occur in printing. While we expect to maintain the current Gardening Guide prices for the season, we reserve the right to change prices without notice.

The comments and advice contained in this brochure and on the fundraising website are not a guarantee of performance of any seeds product. Product representations, including photographs, on West Coast Seeds’ labels, packaging, advertising, and technical publications and websites represent kind only. A variety may differ from the representation in color, shape, and size.

West Coast Seeds shall not be liable for any non-performance, reduced performance, crop damage, any costs of growing, any third party loss, consequential loss (including loss of profits), loss of business opportunity, or any incidental, indirect losses or special damage arising out of the purchase or use of its seeds. The liability of West Coast Seeds for any loss or damage arising out of the purchase or use of its seeds, including loss or damage resulting from mistake or negligence shall be limited to replacement of the item or return of the purchase price. By placing an order, the buyer accepts the above terms of sale and agrees that they constitute the entire arrangement between buyer and West Coast Seeds.