Welcome to the WCS fundraising site. If you are NOT looking to purchase as part of a fundraiser, please click here to visit westcoastseeds.com
Welcome to the WCS fundraising site. If you are NOT looking to purchase as part of a fundraiser, please click here to visit westcoastseeds.com
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Our Guarantee

Certified Handler of Organic Seeds.

All West Coast Seeds varieties marked CERTIFIED ORGANIC have been organically certified by the Pacific Agricultural Certification Society (PACS). Our registration number is 16-205. West Coast Seeds has obtained organic certificates from all of our seed suppliers, in addition to ensuring the quality of our seeds, through certification checks. This system allows us to protect against any sources of contamination and prevent confusion with non-organic seeds during handling.

Download our PACS Organic Certificate here

Are any of the seeds genetically engineered?

The short answer is a resounding, No!
Genetically Engineered Organisms (GEO) have been engineered by introducing the genes of unrelated species. There are many concerns about the results and ethics of genetic engineering. Unlike hybridization, genetic engineering cannot occur without human intervention. The term “Genetically Engineered Organism” is defined by Canadian and US regulators. In the European Union, the preferred term is “Genetically Modified Organism (GMO),” which can lead to some confusion. You can read more about these definitions in the Glossary section of our website. We encourage you to have a clear understanding of what these terms mean. The selling of GE Organisms is a highly regulated industry. West Coast Seeds does not knowingly carry or sell any GEO products. West Coast Seeds is a founding signatory of the Safe Seed Pledge.

Seeds per gram:

West Coast Seeds sells the highest quality agricultural seed available. Our seed counts (seeds per gram or s/g) are estimates only, based on grower sample counts and the standards as set out by the Canada Seeds Act. Seed counts vary with each harvest and lot, sometimes dramatically. This number is provided as a guide for gardeners and growers to calculate productivity. These seed counts are useful as ESTIMATES ONLY and do not always reflect exact seed counts. Our seeds are packed by hand, by weight or seed count.

Are any of the seeds treated with chemicals?

Short answer: No.
Long answer: None of our seeds are treated with insecticides, fungicides, or other chemicals. We offer only high quality, raw seed with the best germination rates available. In the rare instance when we offer “pelleted” seeds, the seeds are coated for easier handling with a non-toxic, earth friendly coating. Usually these coatings are made from clay or molasses, but they are not considered “treated” seeds. Widespread concern among the scientific community and beekeepers has brought attention to neonicotinoid seed treatments. We guarantee that no West Coast Seeds product is treated with these so-called neo-nics.



Germination of Seeds Standards:

To achieve our aim of providing our gardeners and commercial growers with the highest quality agricultural seed available that also fits our ethical profile, West Coast Seeds tests our seeds regularly for seed germination , vigour and for the presence of weed seeds. All the seeds we sell meet, or exceed the Canadian standards established by the Commercial Seed Analysts Association of Canada for Seed quality. The number found at the bottom of each seed envelope refers to specific lots, which we use for quality control. To enquire further about specific germination rates and testing dates for a particular seed please quote this lot number. Germination varies each year.