Community Events


West Coast Seeds holds planting workshops at community and tradeshow events where we teach you how to grow 12 months of the year. At our events, we want you to come away with gardening wisdom and a chance to grow. We’ll provide you with seeds and a compostable Plant-A-Packet to make it easy. Just fill it with soil, add a seed and plant the packet directly into a pot, a raised bed or larger garden space to grow to maturity.

Step One

Fill packet with soil to the line

Step Two

Select your seed of choice and gently push it into the soil

Step Three

Close top and take home. Choose a container to fill with soil

Step Four

Open packet and plant upright. Give it a good drink of water.

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The Ladner Community Garden presents the seventh annual Seedy Saturday and Garden Expo from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at All Saints Anglican Church on Saturday, March 2. Photograph By SUBMITTED
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Here are a select few highlights from some of our past events: