Seed Donation Program


You may be eligable if you are: An educator looking for seeds for a school garden, classroom project, or community education workshops; a non-profit organization promoting organic gardening and growing practices; a community garden growing food to freely share with community based, non-profit organizations; or an international non-profit organiziation advancing self sufficiency in food production.

Terms and Conditions:

The donated seed packets are a mixture of vegetables, herbs and flowers that were packaged for 2018. They are pre-packed in boxes of 25 – 200 depending on needs as described in the application form. There is no charge for the seeds, only a flat charge of $10 for Canada and $15 for United States, to cover shipping on all orders shipped to your location. This allows the program to remain sustainable. Seeds packets may not be sold, raffled off or used to gain profit.

Educating the importance of sustainability, one seed at a time.

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