Fundraising Tips

Plan and set a campaign period

For best result, we suggest that a campaign be limited to three weeks and end by April 30th. The optimal time to start a campaign is between January 1st and April 10th.

Be clear

Your campaign should clearly state what the fundraiser is for, and how it works. If participants know what you are raising money for, and how much of the sales goes to the fundraiser, they will be more likely to support it.

Plan around an event

Consider planning your campaign around a related event such as a school or community event.

Set a minimum order amount

Consider setting a minimum order amount. This helps to ensure your organizers and volunteers get maximum return for their efforts. We suggest a minimum order amount of $10.00.

Encourage participants to visit our website

Encourage participants to go to the West Coast Seeds Fundraising website. Here they can find more detailed information in our online catalogue, including product photos, product descriptions and detailed growing information.